Anthony Lonell, originally born and raised in Chicago Illinois but now representing Brevard County, Florida is a rising star in the music industry. This artist with his contemporary, hip-hop sound is a mixture of pure lyricism and passion with a unique flow.

Growing up, Anthony Lonell was forbidden to listen to hip hop music due to his strict upbringing. But somehow, still snuck around and listened to the likes of Scarface, Common and Kanye West. They heavily inspired him instantly to start working on his craft and he's been rhyming ever since.

Anthony Lonell plans to use this God-given talent to uplift and inspire the world. His thought-provoking lyrics and positive vibes infused into his influential music, set him apart from any other artist. He is currently working on his highly anticipated, second project. And will be touring Summer of 2019. If you're looking for an artist to not only inspire you to be who you were created to be but also to motivate you to go out and BE THE CHANGE you want to see, then subscribe and download to join the movement!